Flat Roofs RUBBER / PVC / TPO / other: FLAT ROOFS don’t leak after Skip has worked or installed them! Skip Schiappa is the FLAT ROOF expert! Cape Cod Roofing & Siding / Skip Schiappa 800-734-7663 / skip@capecodroof.com  is a CERTIFIED INSTALLER for a number of industry leading flat and low slope/pitch roof options (methods of application: fully adhered, mechanical, ballasted,  and thickness, colors) which includes a long term material warranty as well as a workmanship guaranty. Most flat roofs we install have poly-isocyanurate flat and/or tapered HIGH R-VALUE board insulation with the occasional gypsum or vapor barrier included. Skip is always evaluating the best methods to evacuate water from these type of structures. Cape Cod Roofing & Siding has been servicing, repairing, supplying and installing NEW flat / low pitch roofing membranes and other types (tar & gravel, modified, fiberglass resin, sail) for over three decades. Call us today ! Find us on the following .coms’s: FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, ALIGNABLE, PORCH. BLUE BOOK of CONSTRUCTION, TWITTER. Review all the pictures here on our website and all those on our .com partners listed above! All work was performed, supervised or consulted upon by Skip Schiappa. residential-commercial-industrial-institutional-historic roofers, siders and exterior envelope experts.